Gretl Braun de picnic con sus familiares y amigos.

También podemos ver a Eva Braun: En la foto, con su amigaHerta Schneider y con la que creo es su tía - la mujer con gafas de sol-. Y en el Gif, sentada a la izquierda, comiendo un sándwich.

At the age of twenty-one Heinrich Himmler had written in his diary:

I have experienced what it is like to get all fired up The girls are so far gone they no longer know what they are doing. It is the hot unconscious longing for the whole individual, for the satisfaction of a really powerful natural urge. For this reason it is also dangerous for the man, and involves so much responsibility. Depraved as they are of their will power, one could do anything with these girls and, at the same time one has to struggle with oneself. 

I love the fresh and charming way they were They were like your friendly neighbors, a humble and hardworking couple. They were so normals. They did not care about being the typical presidential couple, the untouchable leader, treated by people as a half-God, and the First Lady with the role of shadow

I’m just in love with this couple!